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The time is now for better fitting underwear made for guys like us.

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A modern brand engineered to help more men fit better, feel better and be better. #BeALPHX

We deserve better fitting underwear.

Boxer Brief



Available in sizes XS - XXL. We got you covered.

We put them to the test.


As a guy with big thighs, I love how the boxer briefs come in leg widths. Finally underwear that doesn't ride up my legs at the gym!

by Matt S.

The two sizes for legs thing is genius. I am 32" waist but have to buy 34's for legs. Pants can be a bitch. LOL. I am already a huge fan

by Jay K.

When I first put on the pair of ALPHX briefs, I was impressed by how soft the fabric felt, while snuggly holding in all the important bits.

by Max Z.

I've worn many brands of underwear and this is the first that offers me a better fit on my thighs.

by AJ U.

My underwear fits great and is really comfortable. I like that they still have their shape at the end of the day.

by Chip L.

Overall fit comfort and style are great. Love the logo. ALPHX - The peoples underwear!

by Bryan B.

So comfortable, I almost forgot I was wearing underwear. I'm a believer!

by Brian R.


We created ALPHX for guys like us...

... comfortable in our own skin and in the life we lead. We are far from perfect, and we believe we have a responsibility to be better, to make the world better, more comfortable for everyone.

Thank you for joining us on the journey to fit better, feel better, be better.

- Tom & Garrett

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