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We are Tom (Former CEO/President of major retail brands) and Garrett (Social and ahem...” seasoned” media influencer), two friends who met for a coffee, a catch-up, and some lively conversation one night. Within twenty-four hours, we called each other with the same idea and decided to see if there was an opportunity to create something authentic and currently missing in the marketplace. Disrupters, if you will, in a men’s market woefully underserved.

 Let’s face it, unless you’re a size medium (we’ve done the research...most of us aren’t), it’s hard to find stylish underwear that fits well and feels comfortable no matter what your size. We want to change that. Smaller waist, bigger thighs? We got you. Bigger waist, smaller thighs? We do that too. We all want to feel comfortable in our own skin and feel better about ourselves. 

In addition to the research, we’ve done the math... Better Fit + Better Comfort = Better You = Better World.

No calculator app is needed. Did we mention we also make a damn good product?

We believe we do and hope to get even better as we get to know you more. So this is the start of our journey. Let us “support” (see what we did there?) yours.

-Tom and Garrett

ALPHX Fit Better, Feel Better, Be Better.