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Greener is Better

At ALPHX, we are thrilled to be part of the movement towards a greener future. We firmly believe that greener is better, and we understand that we all have a shared responsibility to combat climate change. That's why we have made it a priority to focus on three key areas in our business. 


17,434 lbs.

Sustainable Raw Materials

We are constantly seeking ways to use renewable raw materials without compromising on fit or comfort. In fact, our current comfort class collection is manufactured from  94% sustainable raw materials, including cotton and modal. Modal is made from the fibers of a beech tree. It may not sound soft, but trust us when we say it is.

Biodegradable Packaging

Not only are our products made with sustainable materials, but we also ensure that the entire shipping process is eco-friendly. Our underwear is carefully packaged in a biodegradable pouch, which is then placed in a biodegradable shipper. We also made a conscious decision to minimize  the amount of packaging we use, reducing the weight of our shipments and reducing our carbon footprint. This means that from our warehouse to your front door, every step of the journey is done with the environment in mind.

ALPHX Plus EcoCart

In our commitment to sustainability, we have partnered with EcoCart, a leading environmental organization. Through this partnership, ALPHX will offset the carbon created by every order placed on our website.  How is this done? EcoCart utilizes their proprietary algorithm to calculate the carbon emissions of each order in real-time. They take into account variables such as shipping method, distance, manufacturing methods, and materials used. By doing so, they can accurately estimate the carbon footprint and then offset it accordingly.  To put it into perspective, the amount of carbon offset for each order is equivalent to what 0.5 trees can absorb in one year. This means that by shopping with us, not only will you receive high-quality underwear, but you will also be making a positive impact on the environment. 

 So, if you're looking for comfortable and stylish underwear while also caring for the planet, look no further. With our sustainable raw materials, biodegradable packaging and carbon offset program, you can feel good about your purchase. Join us in making a difference today! Better You and a Better World.  Be ALPHX.