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Customer Reviews

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John Nickulas
Loving My New Briefs

Awesome fit, feel and support. Excellent customer service too!

Love them!

The quality is amazing. The fabric is thicker and softer than similar brands. The waste band is also wider. They fit great. These will last a long time.

Excellent, all around underwear

As a personal trainer, strength coach, and professional powerlifter, I find myself running through underwear all the time. I finally found a couple pairs that are comfortable enough to wear anywhere, anytime, but also ones that perform really well in the gym. I require a good amount of support and something that’ll fit my big butt and legs. The briefs (and trunks) are supportive and moisture wicking like good compression underwear but are soft and comfortable to wear for literally anything. Other pairs of underwear that I’ve tried with modal fabric blends are usually too flimsy and sweaty for me so these are a holy grail find!! I prefer a rather snug fit so i went with the medium modern in both the briefs and trunks (I'm 5'10", 190lbs). Bonus: my girlfriend appreciates how they make my butt look, and I agree!! Fabulous product, fantastic mission, I’m very happy with the purchase!!!

Patrick Hazlewood

I cannot tell you how happily surprised I was when I received my MDRN fir briefs. I was in search of something both well made, as well as more muted/sophisticated colours and these hit the mark!! The fit is phenomenal offering both support for sport and full coverage (even for my more than "ample-thanks-to-squatting") booty and the colors are rich with a subtle sheen that elevates the entire look. I can't wait to get my hands on more and see the next group of colorations. I'm hoping for a chocolate brown!
Now, stop reading and GO BUY SOME ALPHX!!!!!

Trice Johnson
A nice surprise

I was a little suspicious when yet another line of underwear was in the market. But I was more than pleasantly surprised when I got the underwear and saw and felt the fit! Very nice ! Thank you