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True Masculinity

True Masculinity is to be True to your Authentic Self. To be confident in your purpose, in your passions, and most importantly, in your own skin. My mission has always been to inspire people to achieve a higher standard of Self Love. 2 years ago the Universe connected NUNZI & ALPHX! A men’s undergarment brand that stands for everything above.  You may be thinking ‘how can underwear give you more confidence?’

Let me tell you, just like building a house, it starts with the foundation! I have NEVER enjoyed wearing underwear! To be honest, I never did because none would fit my body and I was always so uncomfortable. From pinching and rolling, to my quads always suffocating. Going ‘commando’ was the preferred choice until ALPHX came along. 

They have revolutionized the standard of Men’s Underwear. The beautiful thing is that it doesn’t matter your body type. From a slim build, muscle man, full bodied, EVERY pair of ALPHX feels like it has been custom made for you. There is no better feeling than being supported by your briefs for anything life throws at you. 

True Beauty is embracing all the unique qualities that MAKE YOU DIFFERENT! And with ALPHX I wake up everyday feeling more comfortable and more confident to continue on my mission to raising vibrations. 

Be Authentic. Be Comfortable. Be Confident.


Love NUNZI ❤️🫶

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