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How to Find Your Best Fitting Men’s Underwear |

How to Find Your Best Fit in Alphx Men’s Underwear

Everyone wants to feel comfortable. At ALPHX, we believe comfort starts with a pair of great-fitting underwear. We know it can be difficult shopping for underwear, but fear not, Alphx is here to help. Alphx helps more men find their best fit by offering 130 style, size, and color options, including two leg widths: an industry first. This article will tell you everything you need to know about finding your perfect-fitting pair of Alphx underwear. 

Fit Better

We know you want to feel your best, and we are here for that too. So if you get stuck at any point, give us a shout at, and we will answer any of your questions. In the meantime, follow these five steps below to find your best fitting men’s underwear in ALPHX underwear today.   

  1. Choose your style.
  2. Know what we’re made of.
  3. Measure your waist and asses your thighs and butt.
  4. Consult our size chart.
  5. Decide how you like your underwear to fit or answer four quick questions using our customized size recommender for more personalized results.

1. Choose Your Style

Briefs, Boxer Briefs, or Trunks? The choice is yours, and more and more men are mixing it up and not limiting themselves to just one style. We like variety.

A Quick Style Refresher:

Briefs are an excellent choice for all men. They support you where you need it, provide full coverage in the back, and leave your legs completely uncovered for maximum mobility.  

Everyday Comfort Brief in Midnight Black size large

Boxer Briefs support like a brief with the added leg coverage of a traditional boxer. 

Everyday Comfort Boxer Brief in Maritime Navy size 2XL size large

Trunks are essentially a shorter boxer brief. 

Everyday Comfort Trunk in Frost White size Medium MDRN Fit

2. Know what we’re made of:

Before we tackle specific measurements, it’s essential to discuss fabric content and how it impacts the fit of your underwear. For example, underwear typically has an elastic waistband that keeps your underwear from falling down around your ankles. That’s a good thing.  However, not all underwear has additional elastane (lycra) in the garment itself. Alphx does: our fabric contains 4% elastane, improving our overall comfort and fit.  

Myth Buster

Many guys think 100% cotton is the most comfortable fabric for underwear. However, cotton alone has its drawbacks. Cotton fibers expand when they heat up, which happens when you wear underwear.  This causes them to stretch out, increasing the risk of saggy drawers and ride-up. Once you wash the underwear they tighten up again, but the cycle continues each time you wear them. So while cotton is comfortable, wedgies are not.  

We decided early on to use cotton for Alphx, but by adding additional fibers to our fabric we maximize the benefits of cotton: softness and breathability while improving its performance: stretch, retention, and durability.  It’s like adding carbon to iron to create steel or alloying other metals with gold to make it stronger and durable.  Think of it as turbo-charged cotton. More about what we’re made of here.

The elastane in our fabric allows Alphx to stretch with you as you move without that annoying ride-up. In addition, our waistband expands four-plus inches from its relaxed state, which means, you may have several size options that measurements alone won’t capture. Don’t worry, though; we can help with that

3. Measure your waist and asses your thighs and butt:

Before we get to options and preferences, let’s start with the measurements.


Our underwear is designed to sit right above your hipbone, below your natural waistline. Find that spot and for the best results, use a flexible cloth tape to measure. 

Healthy man photo created by drobotdean –


Whether you never skip leg day or were just born with muscular or large thighs, you may have had issues finding a comfortable pair of trunks or boxer briefs in the past. Both of these styles end on your upper and lower thigh, respectively. As a result, the width of your thigh impacts fit.  

ATHLTC Fit has one additional inch in leg circumference than MDRN Fit per waist size

Most brands design underwear to fit a medium waist measuring 32-34 inches and a thigh circumference of 21 inches, which according to the CDC, 21 inches is the average thigh circumference of an adult male in the U.S.

Before Alphx, if your waist measured between 32-34 inches and your leg was greater than 21 inches around, you had two choices. Neither of which were particularly comfortable:  

  1. Size medium to fit your waist comfortably, but your legs would be constricted. 
  2. Size large for comfortable legs, but suffer from excess fabric in the seat and a loose-fitting waist bunching-up on you.  

Or you just skipped these two styles altogether.

Thankfully those days are over. After hearing from so many guys with ride-up or pinch issues, we created two-leg widths in our trunks and boxer briefs for most sizes. So now you can pair the waist size you need with the leg width that fits you best to feel comfortable all over. 

OK, so how would you describe your thighs? Use the same cloth tape and measure your thighs at their widest point: about midway down. If they are less than or equal to 21 inches, then choose MDRN: if they are greater than 21 inches, choose ATHLTC.  

Or if you’ve ever experienced leg bindings that pinch your thighs when wearing trunks or boxer briefs, or if you buy usually athletic cut jeans, you probably should choose ATHLTC.


We eliminated excess fabric in the seat that can bunch up: Adjusting creeping underwear is not a good look on anyone. Because of this streamlined fit, you may want to size up to accommodate a large or muscular booty. This is by no means a bad thing. We just want to ensure you get the comfort support, and coverage you need. 

4. Consult our size chart:

Compare your waist measurements with our size chart here to find the alpha equivalent to your numeric measurements.

5. Decide how you like your underwear to fit:

Before completing your purchase, you need to consider your personal fit preference. Unfortunately, no measurement or chart can help with this one. And there is no right or wrong answer. Just think about how you like your underwear to fit: snug and close to the body? Just right? Or a little on the loose side? Remember Alphx contains elastic in both the waistband and the underwear itself: it will stretch. Fit is personal, if your waist measurement is at the end of one range or the beginning of another: you may be able to wear either size depending upon your preferences.  

By way of example  

So I thought it might be helpful to use myself as an example. For the record, this is way outside of my comfort zone. I am the partner who prefers to be in the background. But, it ’s a good exercise for me as someone with my own body positivity issues. I am in my mid 50 ’s, stand 6 ’1 ″tall, and weigh 200 pounds. Plus or minus 5 on any given day. I work out, but I enjoy food. In fact, I have never met a carb I didn ’t love. Let ’s just say I am a work in progress. My underwear style preference is eclectic. It changes depending upon my mood, occasion, time of year, or what I am wearing. I will use a trunk for this exercise to show how my legs factor into the size formula. 


I freely admit that when I first measured myself, I sucked in my gut and pulled the tape until I left marks in my skin in an effort to report a lower number for this blog. Sad, I know. I then relaxed and measured correctly. The goal, after all, is to find a pair of comfortable underwear, and underreporting my waist is not a good way to start. My waist is 35 inches. My thighs are 22.5 inches around, and I have a little junk in the trunk. Squats or aging? According to the ALPHX size chart, my waist means that I am a size large. Because my thighs measure more than 21 inches, I should think about the athletic fit, and having a booty suggests sizing up. Unfortunately, this point is as far as numbers will take me. So now I need to consider my personal preferences.  

My measurement puts me at the start of the large size range.

Don’t measure this way. It may make you feel good in the moment, but trust me, it will not result in ordering comfortable underwear.

Portrait of a happy bearded fitness man measuring his waist with tape isolated on a orange background

I like my underwear fitted. I prefer feeling supported, and I want a close fit on my legs. I hate excess fabric under my clothes.

The range for size large on the ALPHX size guide is 35 to 38 inches. My 35-inch waist puts me right at the start of the range, giving me some options. I can physically wear both a size medium or a large because of the stretch and retention in the fabric. It all comes down to my personal preference. 

I ruled out sizing down to medium because of my booty, but I also ruled out sizing up to XL because of where my waist size sits within the sizes covered by Large. XL would be an option if my waist measured 37 or 38 inches.  

Because I actually prefer a tight fit on my legs, I choose the MDRN FIT.  

For me, in an ALPHX trunk, my best fit is a Large MDRN.  

How Alphx ’s Custom Fit System Can Help

Because numbers alone don ’t tell the whole story, we customized a fit finder for ALPHX to help you find what works best for you.

First, let ’s see if the fit finder matches my thought process above.

Phew! Not gonna lie, that would have been awkward if this showed a different result.

Try Our Fit Finder Here


We ’ve worked hard to create a brand dedicated to fitting more men better, but we recognize that we may not be suitable for everyone. Our current offering is designed to fit sizes 26 to 46 inches:  XS-XXL, and we are the first brand to offer two-leg widths to accommodate both standard and larger thighs. If you don ’t see your size, send us a note. We intend to expand our assortment over time and welcome your feedback.

In addition, we created our fit finder to help you find your best size without trying the underwear on. As we gather more feedback, we will continue to enhance this tool to make it even more accurate.

Finally, because personal preference plays such a significant role in fit, we also offer our  

Be Assured Guarantee  plus free shipping within the U.S. You can try a pair risk-free.

Hopefully the big takeaway from this post is how subjective fit really is. And how at Alphx, we believe your comfort is what matters most, and what makes you comfortable is personal. We are proud of the product we created and are really happy with the response from our customers so far.

Visit us at and use code Giveusatry15 for 15% off of your first purchase.


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