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Questions For Tom and Garrett

Questions For Tom and Garrett

What inspired you two to start ALPHX?

We Saw An Opportunity For Men's Underwear That Fits More Men Better And Promotes Body Positivity.

We all want to look and feel good in our underwear. Trouble is, not many brands offer sizing that fits most men well. We know this because we've heard from plenty of guys who say they can't find underwear that doesn't gap at the waist, ride up or pinch their thighs. Don't take our word for it. Browse online reviews for just about any brand, and you will see what we're talking about.


The Problem with Men's Underwear

The reality is that underwear is a notoriously tricky item to buy unless you are a perfect size medium. Why is that? Because most brands fit their product on a size medium model and then create the remaining sizes using a formula without putting them on actual men. This practice saves time and money, but the further away from the medium you get, the less precise the fit becomes.  

That would be fine if most of us were size medium, but we're not. The average waist circumference of a man in the US is 40 inches. You would never guess that by looking at the product for sale in your local store or the marketing images used by large brands in the underwear industry. Talk about a disconnect. Because stores need their inventory to be as productive as possible, they shoot for the middle and typically invest most heavily in sizes M, L, and S (in that order). This range covers roughly sizes 30-38. So if you are, say, a size 40, you may not be able to find your size. And even if you do, it may not fit all that well since the 40 is two-size grades removed from the one that was developed on an actual man. The store likely has no idea of the missed opportunity since it can't measure what it never had to sell to begin with. And the cycle continues.  


Our Solution

How can you relate to a brand when you can't find your size and see yourself reflected in their messaging? This is why we started ALPHX. We wanted to create underwear that fits well, feels fantastic, and looks terrific so more men can feel comfortable in their own skin. We spoke to many men about what disappointed them about their underwear. From those conversations and additional research, we developed goals for ALPHX underwear.  

First, the underwear needed to look good, be incredibly comfortable and fit well. For us, good-looking means timeless colors that never go out of style and a waistband without obnoxious all-over branding. We knew the fabric needed to be soft, lightweight, and breathable, which is why we started with a blend of cotton, modal and added the right amount of spandex for stretch and shape retention. And we knew we needed to offer sizes that fit a broader spectrum of men.

We knew that designing underwear that works for everyone is impossible because every man's body is different. That said, we knew we could do a better job than most by taking our time with the product development process. We created prototypes, fit them on multiple-sized men, conducted wear tests, and repeated the process until we were satisfied. 

Men identified leg ride up and pinch as one of their biggest complaints with their underwear. This was a problem we knew we needed to solve. Here's a simple truth. Our leg widths and waist sizes are not necessarily linked. This is why many men with slimmer waists and thicker legs or vice versa have to choose where they want the most comfort. They can go up a size for better-fitting legs but with a baggy waist. Or opt for a comfortable waist and a tourniquet on their thighs. We found our inspiration in the denim industry, which has addressed this issue for years. We created our slimmer, modern, and roomier athletic fits allowing men to customize the best overall fit.

The Importance of Body Positivity

In a society where body image is often the first thing we think about when we look in the mirror, it's easy to feel self-conscious. But you shouldn't have to worry about how your undergarments look on your body. Instead, you deserve underwear that fits you well and makes you feel good—no matter your size or shape! ALPHX was founded to fill a gap in the men's underwear industry by creating underwear with 130 styles, colors, and size options so you can choose your best fit. We believe being comfortable in your own skin starts with comfortable underwear.  


A brand has to have a story, and ours is about more than better-fitting underwear. It's about finding a better way to live life. It's about being confident in who you are and not being afraid to show other people your best sides. We wanted to create an underwear brand that celebrates our uniqueness, loves our perfect imperfections, and doesn't shame or judge other people for their body types. We want to create a brand that empowers men to be themselves and love themselves- one pair of underwear at a time.