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It's all in the details

Be Specific

It’s all in the details as far as we’re concerned, so we asked you guys what bothers you about your underwear. You didn’t hold back. ALPHX has solutions. Here are the deets.

Be Comfortable

You told us you wanted to be comfortable, so here comes the technical part. We wanted a material soft to the touch, so we combined lightweight, breathable cotton and Modal (That's a fabric made from beech tree bark pulp. Trust us, it's soft). Then we throw in just the right amount of elastane for strength, stretch, and recovery. At 155GM (that's the fabric weight), we use a finer quality fabric in a lighter weight than most brands offer.
•56% Premium Jersey Cotton. 38% Modal. 6% Elastane
•Ethically made in Sri Lanka
Pinching? Rolling? Wedgies? No, thank you. Our 1.5" contoured waistband follows the curve of your waist, and the back rise is slightly longer than the front giving you more room back there. The trunk and boxer brief have a 3" saddle between the front and back panel, giving you more space where you need it. Our fabric and lack of back seams keep the "creeps" away. We don't like creeps.
And finally, our tonal waistband is subtly embossed with our signature ALPHX logo so as not to be obtrusive. Look, we love our logo, but this is about you, so we went with understated but powerful like you.

Be Unique

All men are created equal, but our thighs aren't. So we're blowing up the industry size standards with ALPHX's exclusive leg width options. A first! Tired of your underwear riding up or pinching throughout the day? We hear you. Slimmer waist, bigger thighs? Bigger waist, smaller thighs? We got you. Choose your own unique combination of waist and thigh size and truly change your underwear game.

Our MDRN Fit sits just below your natural waist and has a slimmer contemporary leg fit. With 6% elastane for ease of movement, our MDRN Fit is perfect for guys who wear regular to slim-fit jeans. We added an additional half-inch to the diameter of our MDRN Fit to create our ATHLTC Fit.

It's great for guys who prefer athletic cut jeans with more room in the thigh or men who like their regular jeans a little looser in the leg. Available in our Trunk and Boxer Brief styles in sizes S to XL.

Check out our size guide for actual measurements, or take our brief customized Size Finder to find your perfect fit.

As we get to know you better, we will expand our size offering.

-Tom and Garrett

Be Picky

We know every man has his personal preference for style of underwear (when it comes to everything, actually), so ALPHX offers three styles and a range of colors to choose from. In fact, when you add up all of our style, color, and size combinations, ALPHX gives you 130 options to choose from. Why settle? It's good to be picky.


The brief has come a long way from the "tighty whities" your Mom bought for you as a kid. The truth is they look good on everyone. Full support, complete leg mobility, and did we mention sexy? Ours are. Sometimes Mom did know best.

Boxer Brief

Want a little more coverage in your life? Hey, all press is good press, right? Our boxer brief to the rescue! Boxer briefs have become the go-to style for men who don't like the extra fabric and bunching of conventional boxer shorts. However, some guys have issues with boxer briefs. Those with thinner legs may experience ride-up throughout the day, while those with bigger or more muscular quads must either size up to fit their legs comfortably or suffer pinching while wearing them. Suffer no more; ALPHX offers boxer briefs in both a MDRN FIT and ATHLTC FIT. The ALPHX boxer brief is now a great option for all guys.


Hybrid feels like a good word for our trunk. The support of a brief with some leg coverage. We know you guys with bigger thighs end up with these in the back of your underwear drawer until today.

With our modern or athletic cut options, the pinching and riding up that most trunks are known for is eliminated, and trunks can take their rightful place at the front of your underwear drawer.

Bonus fact: They also make your legs look longer, making you appear taller. I mean, come on!

Be Unlabeled

We all hate labels. Ours are tear away but hold on...each label has a fortune attached. Read it, take in the wisdom, then tear it off. We love starting our day with a little inspiration.

Be Supported

Like a sleek race car, our double lined contoured pouch gives you all the design, comfort and support you want. Deep where you need it and streamlined where you don’t.

Be Subtle

Our smooth turn back leg is invisible under trousers. None of those visible underwear lines showing through your pants. Keep em guessing what style you're sporting. We enjoy a little mystery. Oh, and our legs stay put. No creeping.

Be Tidy

We “hooked” you up with a locker loop that lies flush to your body but easily hangs on a door or in a locker. Take that, Marie Kondo!

Be Responsible

We believe in doing our part for the environment. That's why we limit the amount of packaging we use. You will receive your new ALPHX underwear in a biodegradable pouch which will be shipped in a biodegradable mailer.

We have partnered with a factory in Sri Lanka who shares our commitment to make ethically produced garments. That's cool!

Less space in your trash means less space in your trash can and less harm to Mother Earth.