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ALPHX Versatile UNION PANT: Your Ultimate Comfort Companion



Welcome to the world of comfort redefined! Today, I am highlighting our newest addition to the ALPHX Comfort Collection – the Union Pant. 

The Birth of the Union Pant

So, what exactly is a Union Pant? Well, picture this: it's a pant combining the best features and benefits of a long john, base layer, long underwear, and a lounge pant - all rolled into one. Think of it as the bottom half of a Union suit, designed for a range of lifestyle activities. .

At the heart of our Union Pant lies a unique blend of premium plant-based cotton, modal, and a hint of elastane. This fabric, the same we use in our famed briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs, offers unparalleled softness, breathability, and stretch. Perfect for lounging, sleeping, layering under pants on chilly days, or even for a workout session - a testament to its weight and breathability. Hate sweating underneath synthetic leggings or thick thermal base layers? Our Union Pant is incredibly soft against the skin, the weight and fabric content allows for airflow to keep you from overheating while providing an extra layer of warmth for the cool days ahead.  

The Features That Make a Difference

But it’s not just our fabric that sets us apart. We've paid meticulous attention to detail in designing these pants. The dyed-to-match waistband, the subtle embossed logo on the left hip, and our signature angled 180-degree button fly - all contributing to both functionality and impeccable style. At ALPHX, your comfort is our number one priority? So our Union Pant uses two flat seams in the back to eliminate bunching and wedgies. Plus, like you, we are not fans of labels, so ours are designed to  tear out cleanly for next-generation  tag-free comfort. We included a locker loop for easy mess-free storage. And because we want you to feel as comfortable buying our Union Pants as you are wearing them, we ship them to you in minimal biodegradable packaging including the shipper.  And we offset the carbon created when delivering ALPHX to you doorstep.

Tailored Fit for More Bodies

One size doesn't fit all, and we understand that. That's why we offer our Union Pants in a range of sizes and two distinct fits: the ALPHX MDRN (modern fit)  for those with slim to average thighs, and our signature ALPHX ATHLTC (athletic fit), designed specifically for individuals with larger or muscular thighs. No more struggling with waist size to accommodate your legs - we've got you covered for a more personalized fit. Need help deciding on the right fit for you?  Take our personalized Fit Finder Questionnaire or consult our size charts at And don’t worry, if you need to return or exchange an unworn pair within thirty days of purchase we offer free shipping both ways on domestic orders. Now that’s shopping with peace of mind.

shipping both ways on domestic orders. Now that’s shopping with peace of mind.

Inclusivity in Sizing and Style

We designed our Union Pant without a pouch, making them a fantastic fit for both men and women. While our 190- degree button  is fully functional, it’s  also a great design detail.And with sizes ranging from XS to XXL, the ALPHX Union Pant can accommodate waists from 26 to 46 inches comfortably.


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As an added bonus, explore our latest bundle opportunity: purchase one Union Pant and save 25% on any pair of underwear of your choice.

Final Thoughts

So, whether you're seeking unrivaled comfort for a lazy day at home, a cozy night's sleep, a layering essential for the outdoors, or even a workout companion, our Union Pant is here to revolutionize your comfort game.

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