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ALPHX® Continues a Connecticut Underwear Tradition

ALPHX® ( al-feh-ks), is a men's apparel brand with a mission to help men feel more comfortable in their own skin one pair of underwear at a time. Co-Founders and friends Tom Speight and Garrett Swann bring years of experience in their collective fields to this venture. 

Tom, an industry veteran, is a former president of Calvin Klein Underwear North America, and CEO of 2(X)IST. Garrett @thegarrettswann is a social media influencer/ branding expert model and actor whose television credits include Fashion House and numerous commercial appearances. Together they set out to innovate the men's underwear market. Tom, a Fairfield resident, sat down with us recently to answer some questions regarding the brand's uniqueness and its ties to Connecticut. 

What makes ALPHX® distinctive? 

With 180 million men in the U.S. alone, there is a demand for diverse fits and styles in men’s underwear—a gap ALPHX® aims to fill.  Before designing anything, we talked to lots of guys and analyzed tons of industry data to validate the opportunity. Not surprisingly, we discovered widespread dissatisfaction with existing options, allowing us to create a distinct approach to the market.

ALPHX® sets itself apart by prioritizing comfort and fit above all.  Honestly, how can you be comfortable anywhere if your underwear doesn't fit? We approach comfort in three key areas: fabric, design, and our product development process.


Alphx Moss Green Boxer Brief

We start with a lightweight premium, fabric blend made from 94% plant based  cotton and modal for breathability and softness. Then, we add the right amount of elastane for stretch- without stretching out or riding up.



Our innovative design details were created to solve problems men told us they had with their current underwear, like ride-ups.  We solve this problem by engineering two trademarked leg fits per waist size for a more personalized fit. 

  • Slim to average thighs? Try our MDRN Fit
  • Large or muscular thighs? Stop sizing up to suit your legs and try our ATHLTC Fit, which offers extra legroom where you need it most.  

We didn’t stop there: our no-pinch, no-roll waistband follows the natural curve of your waistline. We created a contoured pouch that's deep where you need it and shallow where you don't for added support. Our labels are designed to tear out cleanly for next-generation tag-free comfort. We even included a locker loop to hang your ALPHX® on a door or locker hook when not being worn. 


Unlike traditional methods, that rely on standard grades, ALPHX® developed its sizes by fitting men with multiple body types from XS to XXL. We then conducted rigorous wear tests and tweaked where needed to ensure the best fit for the most men. 


And when it comes to style, we let you be the center of attention by removing obnoxious all-over branding on the waistband. We use guy-friendly colors like Army Green, Navy, and Black, dye the waistband the same color, and add a subtle tonal embossed mark on the wearer's left hip. 

What does the brand name ALPHX® mean?

We played with the notion of what it means to be an ALPHA male in the modern world by replacing the second A with an X. The letter X is a transformative symbol of amplification and personal growth, and it's the chromosome we all share, underscoring inclusivity. ALPHX® embodies the journey toward self-improvement while impacting others positively. 

Why did you locate the company in C.T.?

As a lifelong resident of Connecticut, growing up in Middletown, graduating from Trinity College in Hartford, and now calling Fairfield home for twenty years, the state holds significance for me personally. But a historical connection makes C.T. an ideal location for the new company as well. 

 Underwear has strong roots in Connecticut dating back to the 19th century when the state was a significant center for underwear, hosiery, and intimate apparel manufacturing. Numerous companies, including The American Hosiery Company in New Britain, Eastern Underwear Company in South Norwalk, Strauss Adler in New Haven, and my former employer Warnaco in Bridgeport, made Connecticut a vital industry hub. In fact, Dr Ira Warner, one of the founders of Warnaco, built his summer retreat, Restmore here in Fairfield on what is now referred to as Warner Hill.  Our long-term goal is to bring manufacturing back to the state, building upon a grand tradition in a new way for the 21st century. 

(data from Connecticut Shapes the Intimate-Apparel Industry)

Where can we purchase ALPHX®?

ALPHX® products are available online at We offer free U.S. shipping and a first-pair guarantee. And locally, at In The Mood Intimates  on the post road in downtown Fairfield. We are thrilled with the 5-star reviews and comments we have received and look forward to continued growth for our brand. Today we offer Boxer Briefs, Trunks, Briefs, and our amazing Union Pant (perfect for layering under clothes on cold days, lounging around the house, or a light workout). Our sizes run from XS-XXL or 26-46 inches in waist size.  Our retails range from $32-$60.  If you need help with a size, check out our customized fit finder or drop us a line at . Looking ahead, ALPHX® plans to expand into additional product categories while maintaining its core principle of ensuring individuals feel comfortable in their own skin.

Anything else we should know?

We are deeply involved in all aspects of ALPHX®, engaging with customers directly to improve our products and services. We are incredibly pleased with our results so far. Our revenue is growing, and our product reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.   The brand emphasizes ethical sourcing, sustainable manufacturing, and eco-friendly packaging, reflecting our values. It's important that consumers also feel as comfortable buying ALPHX® as they do wearing it.

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