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ALPHX Comfort Class Brief

Full support and complete leg freedom


The brief has come a long way from the "tighty-whities" Mom bought for us as kids. Our briefs provide maximum support up front, and our 2-inch outseam and high-cut leg opening offer unrestricted mobility. The truth is that they feel great to wear and look good on everyone; sometimes, Mom knew best.

Underwear is your first layer, so comfort is non-negotiable. We use ethically sourced materials that are soft to the touch, beginning with lightweight, all-natural cotton for softness and breathability. We then add plant-based modal made from beech tree pulp for additional softness and an even more luxurious hand feel. (It doesn't sound like it, but believe us when we say modal is soft.) Finally, we add just the right amount of elastane for strength, stretch, and recovery.


We've got you covered, literally. Our ALPHX Briefs have a modern rise designed to sit below your natural waistline while providing full coverage in the back. In addition, our seam-free seat eliminates uncomfortable bunching and prevents wedgies.

Looking for a larger pouch? Our double-lined contoured pouch is deep where you need it and shallower where you don't, providing unmatched comfort and support.

At 1.5-inches wide, our waistband curves to follow your natural waistline, preventing uncomfortable pinching and rolling. In addition, we dyed the band to match the underwear, creating a slimming effect. Finally, we discreetly embossed the waistband with our signature ALPHX logo because we believe in the power of subtlety.

We even designed a locker loop below the waistband on the exterior right hip. The loop lies flat against your body when worn, but when not in use, you can use it to hang your Briefs neatly in your gym locker or on a door hook.

We hate scratchy underwear tags, so we created our labels to be ripped off without leaving uncomfortable tag residue. We even printed a positive affirmation on one of them for a bit of motivation to begin your day. 

 Lastly, we receive ALPHX from our manufacturer in recyclable containers. In turn, we ship your underwear to you in minimal biodegradable packaging because we think Mother Nature deserves to be comfortable too.

Be Comfortable in ALPHX  Briefs.