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Be Responsible


Being responsible doesn't mean sacrificing style or comfort. It means taking a thoughtful approach to the things you do and the products you buy. That's why we make our ALPHX underwear from high-quality materials like all-natural cotton that are renewable where possible. And that's why we limit our use of packaging to keep waste to a minimum. For example, our ALPHX underwear comes in a biodegradable pouch that we ship to you in a biodegradable mailer. That's less space in your trash, less space in a landfill, and less harm to Mother Earth.

We also take a thoughtful approach to the way we treat our workers. For example, we partner with WRAP Certified MAS industries, a Sri Lankan factory that shares our commitment to making ethically produced garments. WRAP is a global, independent organization that certifies apparel manufacturers who adhere to ethical and responsible business standards. Certification means a company obeys the laws of its country, treats workers with dignity and respect, and is conscious of its impact on the environment. WRAP Certification means that you can feel good about buying our products.